Send Logs to VMware Support with Skyline

We can transfer logs to VMware Support without having to export bundles and upload to the Support Request by using the Log Transfer feature in Skyline.


A VMware Support Request must have already been created.

You can either create a log bundle to upload (option 1) or you can tell VMware to request a log bundle via Skyline which you can approve (option 2).

Option 1 – Generate Logs to upload to VMware Support

Open Skyline Advisor –

Select Log Assist

Select the Initiate Log Transfer tab

Select the object you wish to generate logs from

Click Next

On the next page, you select the Support Request you want to assign the logs to

Click Initiate Log Transfer to complete the upload

Confirm the log bundle has been received by clicking on Log Library to either watch the bundle being uploaded or see that it has been completed as below:

Option 2 – Inform VMware Support to request logs via Skyline and Approve their request

You can also advise VMware Support we have Skyline and they can request specific logs which you will be able to Approve in the Log Transfer Request tab.

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