HTTP & HTTPS proxy server unreachable – VMware vCenter VCSA not accepting proxy settings

PSA: I no longer experience this issue since upgrading to vCenter 7.0 U2d!

This is was quite a common issue where we’re unable to set the HTTP and HTTPS proxy settings using the VAMI with versions 6.5, 6.7 and early versions of 7.0. This post will show the how we experience the HTTP & HTTPS proxy server unreachable error and how to apply proxy settings using the CLI.

Log in to your vCenter Server Management Interface using your vCenter address and port 5480 to view your current settings. For example – https://myvcenter.domain:5480

Select Networking from the left of the Summary Page to view the Network and Proxy Settings. You’ll see my Proxy Settings are currently Disabled here:

Toggle the required HTTP or HTTPS > attempt to enter your proxy settings > click Save

If you’re affected by this issue then you will get the following error – HTTP Proxy server unreachable, HTTPS Proxy server unreachable. Click Cancel to close the settings window

Open Putty or your preferred SSH client > log in to your VCSA using your root credentials > open Shell > enter cd /etc/sysconfig > vi proxy

This will open the Proxy settings and the arrows below show the areas I’m interested in

Edit the settings shown below to your required settings and URLs. Press i to insert your cursor and navigate around the file using your arrow keys. Once complete, Save the file by pressing esc > wq!

Go back to the VAMI but you’ll see the settings haven’t applied yet. Perform a reboot of the VCSA via the CLI or by using Actions > Reboot in the GUI

Log in once the VAMI is available > Navigate to Networking. You’ll now see the settings you entered in the Proxy file via the CLI applied to your vCenter.

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