Hide VMs in the Hosts and Clusters view in the vSphere Client

This is a great setting to change for Administrators that spend most of their time in the Host and Clusters view managing hosts rather than the VMs. It’s a feature that was easy to change and quite well known in the old fat client but seems to get forgot about in the new HTML5 vSphere Client.

In the current Host and Clusters view, we have vCenter, Clusters, hosts and VMs etc. showing as default

Click your username top right of the Client > Select My Preferences

Select the Inventory tab > Uncheck the Show VMs in Hosts and Clusters view checkbox > Click Save

You’ll now only see your Hosts and Clusters in your Hosts and Clusters view which in my opinion offers a much better view of your compute resources, especially if you have a large number of VMs in your environment

The VMs are still accessible in the usual VM and Templates tab in the Navigator pane or by using the Search function and of course this can be put back to default by reversing the steps above

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