vMotion failing with “The VM failed to resume on the destination during early power on. The source detected that the destination failed to resume.”

VMware KB 59665 advises to reboot the VM to clear any locks but I found this wasn’t required. I completed a Storage vMotion of the VM Configuration file to another datastore and the VM was then able to vMotion successfully which meant no downtime for the Production servers! Remember to move the VM Configuration file back if you want to keep your VM files together. Here is the error and how I resolved it…

Navigate to the VM that is failing to vMotion > Right Click > Migrate

Select Change storage only

Click the Configure per disk tab > select the Configuration File > Click Configure

Check the Disable Storage DRS for this virtual machine box > Select a different datastore to which the current VM Configuration File is located > Click Confirm.

In my example, I’m moving the Configurations File from DS3 to DS10.

After clicking Confirm, you’ll see the new datastores listed. Click Next.

Confirm you’re happy with the details > click Finish

The VM Configuration File storage vMotion will complete and you can re-attempt the VM vMotion. With all being well, it will complete successfully 🙂 Note: remember to move the VM Configuration File back to wherever you want to keep your VM files

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